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Information provided pursuant to section 13 of Italian Legislative Decree No.196/2003, suppling You the following informations:

1. Your personal data supplied or acquired in our sphere of activity will be subject of treatment marked by propriety principles, lawfulness, transparence and guardianship of Your discretion and rights.
2. The tretment of personal data will be finalized to contract’s obligation or from those resulting from the assignement given to the person interested.
3. The treatment can be made by using electronic instruments with suitable forms to guarantee the security and data’s discretion.
4. The conferment of data is obligatory.The possible refuse of sending your personal data or the auothorization to the treatment can involve the lacking or partial performance of the contract, the lacking execution of the charge.
5. Your data can be transmitted, only for the purpose above, and only to limited subject like legal or fiscal adviser, bank and forwarding firms for carry out the obligation above. The personal data will not be spread.
6. The personal notable data, those who reveal the racial or etnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, political opinions and the adhesion to party, sindacates, religious, philosophical, political, trade-union association or organization, and the personal data concerning health and sexual customs can be used only after the written consent of the person concerned (where is provided) and by the warranter’s authority received for the protection of personal data (decree 26 of the D.Igs No.196/2003) and according to the formality and purpose above.
7. The regular holder of the treatment of personal data is Santini Group seat in Via Provinciale, 1/3 - 61020 Mercatale di Sassocorvaro (PU). The person responsible of the treatment of personal data is Mr. Paolo Santini.
Is possible to know the list of person responsible of the treatment asking the holder,
the person responsible indicated above.
8. You can ask the holder of the traetment to make oneself heard about Your rights, as
indicated in Decree 7 of the D.Igs No. 196/2003:

Decree 7 Admittance to personal data and other rights

1. The iterested person has rights to obtain the confirm of the existence of personal data about him, even if not yet entered
and their communication in a intelligible way.

2. The person intersted can obtain the direction :
a) origin pf personal data;
b) the purposes and ways of the treatment;
c) About the logic used by the help of electronic instruments;
d) About the identification terms of the holder of the people responsible and of the designate agent according to the decree 5, paragraph 2;
e) About the subject and the categories of subject to which can be communicated the personal data or can become acquainted with personal data as designate agent in the territory of the State, people responsible or charged with.

3. The person interested has rights to obtain:
a) the bringing up to date, the rectification, the integration of personal data
b) the annulment , the transformation in an anonymous way or the stop of personal data’s treatment in transgression,
even those where is not necessary their preservation related to the aims.
c) the attestation that the operations of a) and b) are known, also for their contents, will be ever communicate except if the fulfilment is impossible or needs a large investiment of means respect the guarded rights.

4. The person interestedhas rights to be opposed in neverything or partly:
4. The person interestes has rights to be opposed in everything or partly:
a) for reasons concerning the treatment of personal data about him, pertinent to the purpose of the data collection;
b) to the treatment of personal data to the sendig of advertising material or direct selling or for the maeket’s research
or commercial communications.

We inform You that You will always have the possibility to know your personal data and to ask for their adjournment, the amendment, the integration or the cancellation from our database.
If We do not receive any reply from You, We will continue to send you communications about our enterprises.

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